About the Artist

I did my degree at Bath School of Art, finishing in 2003, I've done half of a MA in Art History.

I paint, people, dogs and some landscapes, all in oils on paper, board and canvas.

Congregation. Walcot Chapel Bath 1999
Congregation 2 Walcot Chapel Bath 2001
11 High St Rode 2002
Bath Fringe Art Fair. Churchill House and The Mission 2002
Corridor at Royal United Hospital 2002-2003
London Calling. Candid Arts Trust, Islington 2003
Hill Gallery Kilmersden 2003
Discerning Eye Critic’s choice Mall Galleries London 2003
Head and Shoulders Ale and Porter Arts 2005
The Year of the Dog Ale and Porter Arts 2006
Life Drawing Ale and Porter 2006
Brownston Gallery Modbury group show 2007
Onework Australia 2007
Art London Chelsea 2007
Art for Animals 1 and 2 Bath Cats and Dogs Home 2008
Top Dog, New Brewery Arts, Cirencester 2009
Land Royal United Hospital Bath 2009
Discerning Eye Artist’s Choice Mall Galleries London 2009
Corridor Royal United Hospital 2009/2010
Side by Side Bath Artists’s Studios 2010
Bath Society of Artists Victoria Art Gallery 2010
Holburne Portrait Prize 2010
Bath Fine Art 2010
Bath Fringe Art Fair Real Bath Competition 2011
Tangled Webs Lingwood Samuel Surrey 2011
Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Competition King’s Place, London 2011
Discerning Eye, Artist’s Choice Mall Galleries, London 2011
Prizes Discerning Eye, half of Benton Huxley Purchase Prize 2009
Side by Side Paintworks Prize 2010
Holburne Portrait Prize Bath 2010