About the Artist

I am trying to follow my own path, without emulating trends popular in contemporary photography, or, for that matter, art generally. Nor am I interested much in references to social, or political contexts. I feel that any context, also space and time, make art extemporary and as such, it becomes nonexistent in the long term. I also do not care about creating contemporary art - I want to create art which is my own.

Most of my photographs are portraits. Even if they do not show faces, I try for them to say something important about the person depicted. I do not pick models for ready projects, as they are always preceded by long, personal and sincere conversations. It is during them, that the idea and concept are conceived and very intimate issues often come to light for the first time. It is more like a psychotherapy than preparations for photo shoot. The very process of taking photographs is normally much quicker than these conversations. I never get tempted to retake the shoot with a different model - it would be fake and without any sense. When the idea is born, I also try to tell its story in the easiest possible way, reducing all unnecessary additions to minimum. On the other hand, I pay much attention to not showing the world literally. I think that taking photographs of what can be seen with naked eye is boring and, actually, makes no sense at all. What is of vital importance in my work, is the art of composition. I am inspired more by experiences from painting than from photography and my actions are more like composition than framing and cropping. I look for the best pose which will symbolically express what I want to say and, then, work on it long and hard. I repeat the given shot numerous times, until I get the satisfying outcome. Rarely do I take more than a single photograph at a time. I do my best for this single photo to tell the whole story.


Pomeranian Dukes' Castle 05.04.2013 - 04.05.2013
Szczecin, Poland

MaObject Gallery 01.06.2013 - 27.07.2013
Maia, Portugal

Galerie Grande-Fontaine 07.06.2013 - 06.07.2013
Sion, Switzerland


4 solo exhibitions
17 group exhibitions
In Poland (10), Czech Republic (2), Switzerland (2), Spain (1) and USA (2)