About the Artist

I have always expressed myself through art: as a child my father taught me to draw insisting I only drew the gradients of grey I saw in the shadows, this technique leads to a gradual revelation of a figure or object described by the light that falls upon it. Although my MA is in English Literature I have been unable to exorcise the images in my mind any other way than through the messy but visceral medium of paint. While studying in Australia I worked in the studio of renowned portrait artist Tony Johansen at the East Sydney academy of Art honing my style with figurative life drawing and reference to classical artists.
My love of travel and my fascination with exploring different art styles particularly religious themes has lead me to paint, draw and photograph around the world. The heavy blue green of rice paddies in Cambodia, the slick brightness of Delhi drenched in monsoon, the reds and ocher in the middle eastern mountains... all these colours and contrasts combine with study of formal art of various cultures to inform my perpetually developing and shifting style.

I work mainly with oils on canvas, I love the rich sumptuous nature of this medium, however since I do most of my preparatory sketches in charcoal or pencil I occasionally use these raw mediums to complete a piece if i feel intuitively drawn to do so.
I use my art as a way to explore social and political issues that interest or concern me as well as delighting in pure beauty.

Winter 2008, selected pieces, Bar Cuba, Newbury.
Summer 2009- Summer 2011, ongoing collections, Artist's Quarter, Greenwich, London.
Summer 2010,Rats with Wings, BCAF, Battersea, London.
Summer 2011, Goblin Market, Untitled, Chealsea, London.