About the Artist

Born in 1955, Pracha Yindee is a prominent figure of the Thai contemporary art community. Art teacher by dedication and reflective artist by belief, Pracha is one of Thailand’s most recognized meditative painters.

First he meditates to find harmony and inner peace, to reflect on his feelings and the impermanence of all things. And then, he stands up and infuses his papers with fluid brushstrokes of a rare intensity. He has a unique ability to create continuous and deep movements of colors, always changing, evolving into new shapes.

A great master with a profound philosophical message, Prachaa Yindee’s contemporary creations have been critically acclaimed for more than 20 years. His work is represented in many private international collections.

Back from creative retirement, a period of his life he dedicated to teaching art, Pracha Yindee has taken part in numerous recent exhibitions:
His paintings are a reflection on clouds as a metaphoric representation of the true nature of all things: their impermanence. “I love observing clouds. They wander, gather and merge, break away, darken before the rain and lighten on sunny days. Clouds are a true symbol of the Buddhism belief: nothing lasts forever.

recent exhibitions:

2004: pleasant world art exhibition of the Dharma Group, Contemporary Art Gallery, Kanchanaburi
2004: 72 artists exhibition in celebration of the Queen’s 72nd birthday, Bangkok
2004: pleasant world art exhibition of the Dharma Group, Pattanee, Thailand
2004: 11th art exhibition of the Dharma group, Jamjuri Gallery, Bangkok
2004: natural painting, Contemporary Art Gallery, Kanchanaburi
2003: the mind’s virtues, art exhibition of the Dharma Group, Pattalung Art Gallery and Kao Wieng Buddhist temple