About the Artist

For over 25 years Marc Savior has been specializing in figurative work, painting in oil on both canvas and wood, using the figure against a multi-layered background. His work can be described as being sculptural. By cutting away the surface to reveal an inner space means that his work now plays on two different levels where he is able to express himself more affectively.

Over the many years of experience in the art industry, many of artworks produced and sold, he has been focussing on painting from one particular subject matter, himself. He is not interested in anything more than to capture his point of view by using his image in creating disturbing and provocative work.

Marc Savior has been successfully selling and exhibiting on the international scene for over ten years and continues to find new audiences throughout the world.
Owning a piece by Marc Savior is like having a rare work of art with a dark story illustrating our tragic lives, and it’s a story that we all can seem to relate with on some deep personal level.

I have always been intensely focussed on “self-transformation”. It’s a recurring theme found in my work, which has lately been heavily influenced by personal experiences and observations on life in urban environments. The work is usually created in one sitting; this is because I am interested in true expression from being in the moment; always with the complete honesty of self but without distraction or external influences. This is what defines my art.

Art is not a prophet. Art is revolutionary.
It is this artist’s firm belief that he has a responsibility toward himself, as well as society, to produce art that is sociallly and politically conscious, images that stir emotion, compel change, and ask the toughest questions avoided by daily oblivion.

Accept no substitutes.
Nevertheless, my homage remains into the realm of the fine art, where I draw consistent inspiration from Ideas surrounding self-identity and framed with references to modern societies effects on culture. It’s a point of self-evaluation, what lies on the surface of our lives. The canvas reflects confusion, layered with discontentment, beyond the layers of dark emotions, personal truth is revealed, a space between the inner-self and society.

Art must not anesthetize; it must not calm or palliate.
Through the course of my life experience, the work has evolved to a level that moves beyond mere imagery, and now aims to become a mirror that reflects both the inner spirit and the distorted dream, which we name our reality. The tension between both is the tension that drives my paintings and transforms the into an object that is nor meant to entertain but to move, not to soothe but to unsettle.

2013 - Gotland on sale, Motor Gallery Visby Gotland
2013 - Stockholm Supermarket International Art Fair, Stockholm Sweden
2012 - Plastic, Go-Cart Gallery Visby Gotland
2012 - New Members 2012, Go-Cart Gallery Visby Gotland
2011 - Faces, Guys Hospital, London UK
2011 - Love Is, Franny's pop up, Soho London UK
2010 - Summer Sizzle, gallery@oxo London UK
2009 - 2011 Skylark Gallery, London UK
2008 - Skin Exhibition, The Jago London UK
2004 - 2011 Bayswater Open Air Art Exhibition, London UK
2007 - Novas Summer Show, Novas Gallery London UK
2001 - Open Studio Exhibition, New York City
2000 - Faces benefit for the Aids Network, Edmonton Canada
1999 - Art From The Unknown, Edmonton Canada
1998 - Art Walk 96, Red Deer Alberta Canada
1996 - Dare To Be Different, Red Deer Alberta Canada
1995 - Salon Show, Red Deer Alberta Canada
1994 - College Permanent Exhibition, Medicine Hat Alberta Canada
1993 - Student Exhibition, Alberta College of Art Calgary Alberta Canada