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March 2014 | Artsia

March 2014

I have 5 pieces in a figurative sculpture show in the beautiful gardens of Hatfield House -  http://www.lovesculpture.uk.com/ - opening on April 5th and running till September 30th, the Iron Stag, this large recumbent Black Sow, the sitting Wild Boar, a pair of Ravens and my new White Donkey in GRP (fibreglass) with a marble powder resin gelcoat. There are over 70 pieces by 22 sculptors, so do come if you are passing by, it's just off the A1(M) or 20 minutes by train from Kings Cross. http://www.hatfield-house.co.uk/content.asp?id=7&p=56&Maps%20and%20Directions. There is also a farm, a stable yard with restaurant, cafe, a butcher, craft shops and the lovely house.

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