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Exhibition at the Foyer Gallery, Ottawa. | Artsia

Exhibition at the Foyer Gallery, Ottawa.

As a new member of the Foyer Gallery in the Nepean Sportsplex I am exhibiting , four paintings in their show, "Heat". Three of them are from my series of paintings of scenes in Barbados and the fourth is "Twins", a picture set in Rome of the two children I photographed who obviously adored each other. I hope they still do. At the vernissage I also brought along my latest painting of one of my little grandsons. Entitled "Aiden" it has yet to be photographed professionally and so is not yet on my website. The next show at the Foyer is scheduled to open on the 11th of July and I will have several paintings in the show though I haven't decided which ones.
I always procrastinate and find it difficult to start a new painting, and then when I do it totally absorbs me to the detriment of everything else.

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