In the studio painting the new bronze Blue Cranes. A departure for me, trying specialist metal paint on bronze instead of the unreliable pale patinas. The two Blue Cranes and a Heron will go outside in the South African sunshine, so white and grey patinas would not last. Naturalist painting is proving to be fun, although I am probably poisoning myself, my dogs and the long suffering studio personnel. 

Repatinating Sitting Piglet at the foundry.

I've still got both original white plaster Staffie and the black bronze Staffie in my studio. The difference in colour changes the form enormously. And so difficult to photograph the black version. I am working at the moment in some quite rough black clay (actually it is a dark reddish purple colour until it is fired), modeling a head portrait, it is remarkably more difficult and hard to see than the whitish clay I normally use.

Patinating at Bronze Age foundry, this is an oversized Geometric Tortoise in black - 'liver' - and polished bronze. Some big birds to follow.

Spending the summer down at the seaside doing a little stone carving. This is a plaque for my friends' mother. York stone is a bit crumbly and I have lost several noses, chins and letters. The relief is getting deeper and deeper.

I've made a pair of guinea pigs in clay, ready to take to the foundry now. Why? I don't know, but they are a good size - life size - and have some interesting problems to solve, abstract forms and quirky features...

Finished the Staffie, she is taken from Betty, a perfect model who came for several studio sittings and behaved impeccably. Cast at Bronze Age, patinated in my favourite pebbly black.

Bronze Polar Bear finally patinating at the foundry, taking her to Ian at HMC for crating and shipping her off to Spain next. Nice big bear for very good client.

Big birds in the studio for a Cape Town water cascade. Lovely commission to make a Grey Heron and two Blue Cranes to go with the Geometric Tortoise - all local wildlife in South Africa. big plaster birds heading off to the foundry any day.

I have a new gallery in Paris, Galerie Vivendi in Place des Vosges. They have taken my Fat Cat, Polished Vixen and Black Poodle. In the window looking out onto the Places des Vosges!


I am researching a new commission, a sculpture of a polar bear, walking or standing still, not full size but nice and big. Looking forward to starting next week.