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Cinta andina II
on 11th March 2018
Work in process, for the exhibition at the Embassy of Brazil, for the 27 April.

March 2014
on 30th March 2014
I have 5 pieces in a figurative sculpture show in the beautiful gardens of Hatfield House - - opening on April 5th and running till September 30th, the Iron Stag, this large recumbent Black Sow, the sitting Wild Boar, a pair of Ravens and my new White Donkey in GRP (fibreglass) with a marble powder resin...

July 2013
on 2nd August 2013
Thirty or so sheep cast, fired and mounted. As they are all slightly different in shape and thickness, they each need a tailor made block to screw to the wall, which the head can slot onto, so it's taking a while.  Meanwhile here is an article in a Russian magazine: 

2013 benefit auction for a brilliant community festival
on 29th June 2013
The 2013 contribution to a series of paintings about the brilliant community festival in Cornwall's most westerly town of St Just here in the UK was the subject of a benefit auction. Everyone who advanced the bidding received a free print of the painting and a handsome sum was raised to help fund future festivities here. Last year an...

The Universal Socket Experience.
on 2nd April 2013
Artists website with artworks spanning 4 decades,showing a personal creative development of the ''Universal Socket'' and other artworks inspired by mechanical bionics...

Barbara Rachko's Colored Dust
on 6th January 2013
Please see, updated twice weekly.

Introducing My Art - A Love Affair With Colors
on 1st January 2013
 Introducing my art - I recently had an exhibit, A Love Affair With Colors, and that best describes my art. I use color as a driving force to create art that is recognizable to the viewer, yet abstracted from a literal representation. For example in this painting, Still Life With Mannequin Hand, the objects and shapes are readily recognizable...

Art Revolution Taipei 2013
on 21st December 2012
This is my next exhibition solo individual booth, sponsor by X-Power Gallery, for long time I select this oportunity in my professional career artist.Date: May, 02 - May, 06, 2013, Taipei City, Taiwan