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An autobiographical essay
on 2nd August 2017
I have always been longing to art. In a childhood, having read an announcement about the admission to the theater school, I have tried to enter in it. I was admitted and left an ordinary school for this one. There were a lot of boys and a few girls. At the lessons, our chief asked mainly the boys and very seldom the girls. For this reason all the...

August 2016
on 3rd September 2016
Spending the summer down at the seaside doing a little stone carving. This is a plaque for my friends' mother. York stone is a bit crumbly and I have lost several noses, chins and letters. The relief is getting deeper and deeper.

on 3rd December 2015
"Palombe" Portrait of an African Chief Palombe was the first person that I met when I arrived in Ruarwe, Malawi, East Central Africa on my first visit in January 2006. I soon learnt that he was “Head Man” of the Village, and lived in a small, mud-brick, grass roofed house on the Lakeshore. On a number of occasions I...

Artist Focus: Karen Griffiths
on 27th January 2014
Our interview for this month’s Artist Focus is with British painter Karen Griffiths, whose extraordinary oil and acrylic paintings feature solitary figures against abstracted backgrounds. By removing each child or woman from a realistic context and placing them against a swath of color, each person she paints assumes a new impressionistic...

on 26th January 2014

Remembrance - art with a powerful message
on 8th July 2013
A client asked me to create a painting which would encompass the act of remembrance, for an anonymous donation to the Jewish Military Museum which is moving to Camden, London. In July 2013 I presented the finished painting to Lord Stirling, and an audience of AJEX members - The Association of Jewish Ex Servicemen.This is for all of those who have...

My New Painting, Cowgirl With Guitar, An Abstract Portrait
on 14th May 2013
 Cowgirl With GuitarThis artwork portrays a stylized cowgirl playing a guitar.  In this painting the woman and her guitar are painted in a representational manner, while the background is geometric and abstract.  She wears a deep yellow blouse, with a multi-hued background of pale green, blue and pale yellow.  Cowgirl With...

Pearls from artists* # 27
on 15th February 2013
 * an ongoing series of quotations – mostly from artists, to artists – that offers wisdom, inspiration, and advice for the sometimes lonely road we are on.Of course, when people said a work of art was interesting, this did not mean that they necessarily liked it – much less that they thought it beautiful.  It usually...