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The Camera Vs. The Eye
on 4th November 2013
 The Eye and the Camera do not see exactly the same way. When an individual looks at his or her surroundings, their eyes roam and scan the surroundings, focusing on objects close by or in the distant.  Even though the camera and the eye both have a lens, the eye is more complex and able to focus on an object while still incorporating the...

Iris abstraction 10
on 13th June 2012
Irises is my favorite flower and I love to paint them. Whatever subject I paint, I try to put my spin on it, break it down and simplify it. This is the first painting I did of this kind of Iris, and it lead to me doing the larger painting with 3 of them. I wanted the background to be vivid but not drawing too much attention away from the flower,...

Serena the Siren
on 31st May 2012
A little visit from some friends in europe lead to this large wall that was produced in the tenderloin district of san francisco

Coming Soon!
on 8th May 2012
Still in the works

Jenny Matthews and Janet Melrose
on 27th April 2012
I have been working towards this exhibition for the last 12 months with friend and fellow artist Janet Melrose. We met at school and continued on to Edinburgh College of Art. 36 years on, this is our first major exhibition together so an exciting time for both of us. Neither of us has seen the other's work, but we both draw inspiration from...

Continuation of the seasons collages
on 26th March 2012
I am almost done with the spring and autumn collages. Clearly this collage technique takes a long time and is a long process. I am happy that i tried this new technique because it is such a different way of creating for me. It is clearly opening new horizons. Again, as a reminder, i created color textures and i am applying all those color textures...

Mrs Bateman's Garden
on 20th December 2011
Considering gardens as subject matter, I mean to explain the type of gardens I’ve become attracted to - to the extent that I wish to paint them that is. These are enchanting gardens, spaces with soul, private, man-made, with considered planting, colour, structure and intimate nooks. I seek to capture something of the feeling of wonder, of the...