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January 2017
on 3rd January 2017
In the studio painting the new bronze Blue Cranes. A departure for me, trying specialist metal paint on bronze instead of the unreliable pale patinas. The two Blue Cranes and a Heron will go outside in the South African sunshine, so white and grey patinas would not last. Naturalist painting is proving to be fun, although I am probably poisoning...

Holiday Giving - buy art to collect and preserve
on 30th October 2015
         Just a brief message.... I will be holding an OPEN STUDIO & SALE at my studio from      November 27th  thru December 6th  to give gift-givers an opportunity to give art for the      holidays. I'm encouraging everyone to collect and preserve...

on 26th January 2014

Do you use photoshop to enhance your landscape photographs?
on 19th November 2013
I have been asked this question a number of times about my landscape photographs recently and my answer is absolutely! Landscape photographers do this all the time because of the limitiations of the camera.  All the great landscape photographers, past and present, use some form of manipulation. Ansel Adams used dodging and burning to change...

The Camera Vs. The Eye
on 4th November 2013
 The Eye and the Camera do not see exactly the same way. When an individual looks at his or her surroundings, their eyes roam and scan the surroundings, focusing on objects close by or in the distant.  Even though the camera and the eye both have a lens, the eye is more complex and able to focus on an object while still incorporating the...

Re-location painting 1
on 28th August 2013
Saplings and dark deep woods represented for me the hopes associated with my re-location here in Cornwall. The bungalow I hoped to move to had already been called Berkana by a previous owner. The name turned out to be a Norse rune meaning birch and apparently signifies such things as fruition and ripening, qualities I definitely want to manifest...

Watercolours - My Dilemmas
on 20th June 2013
Watercolours – My Dilemmas I love to paint in watercolours.  I find that I can complete an A4-sized watercolour painting relatively quickly, and for me that means 4 – 5 hours over one or two days.  I can achieve subtle variations in colour, virtual texture, and depth of field and, since the paint dries fairly quickly, I...

Mixed feelings in transition
on 9th June 2013
The date for me to leave my studio here in St Just near Lands End in Cornwall in the far south west of England is still to be finalised but creeps inexorably closer. Amid the excitement of making plans towards a new purpose built studio some forty miles away and the hard work of sorting through twenty-seven years of accumulated paraphernalia,...