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Looking to the Future
on 11th January 2014
Recently, I have turned my portrait painting skills towards polar bears. Polar bears are intelligent, courageous, fierce, and yet playful animals. I admire these great bears whose fate was recently labeled "of concern".   Unfortunately for me, no polar bears inhabit my neighborhood, but I do have the next best thing for...

Artist Focus: Jack Mcguire
on 17th August 2012
Our interview for this month’s artist focus is with Jack Mcguire from Toronto, who works primarily in pen and ink to create melting, fractured images of the human form. His figures exist in their own space, twisting and dissolving inside the empty world of blank white paper. After escaping a life of public and media relations, Jack returned...

Hello there
on 27th May 2012
Hello there, I'll try to post new stuff in here, now and then... Here's a little preview of a piece I'm working on for an upcoming show at xl gallery in Florida. The title of the piece is "May". -Edith

A nod to J.S. Sargeant and Isabella Stuart Gardner
on 7th May 2012
After a visit to the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum, I was struck by a painting that drew a few parallels to my themes. Immediately I was drawn to the appearance of fabric behind Mrs. Gardner. It turns out she chose this tapestry to be hung behind her. This is one of the wonderful things about Isabella, especially for her time, she always made the...