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Artist Focus: Julie Barrow
on 20th July 2013
One of Julie Barrow's earliest memories is from her grandfather's house - staring up at paintings of seascape vistas that he had created, an enduring memory that fueled her own interest in drawing. She specialized in textiles at Chelsea School of Art and Design in London, and she uses the tactility of her formal training to create vibrant...

Artist Focus: Sharon Sieben
on 1st July 2013
Sharon Sieben is a contemporary painter from Arizona who specializes in impassioned figurative works.Her style lies somewhere outside of impressionism - free-flowing brushstrokes gracefully outline bodies decorated with swaths of loose color. Sharon paints in a way that's simple and reflective, creating oil works that are...

"Golden light"
on 21st January 2013
There is my painting inside interior. It’s still available to buy. Welcome for new clients! "Golden light", oil on canvas, 70x100 cms, January, 2013                           

Artist Focus: Tim Wilmot
on 16th November 2012
Tim Wilmot is one of the newest members of the Artsia community - a watercolorist living in Bristol, UK. It’s surprising to learn that his painting is a hobby; he has his own splotched style that uses light loose brushstrokes that lean towards impressionism. The light-flushed scenes have a wet, reflective look to them, and scrolling through...

Eiffel Tower and the Seine River Landscape
on 29th September 2012
Contemporary Master Juchul Kim’s unique compositions explore and celebrate international Bridges across the world in his individualistic post-impressionist, vibrant pointillist style, creating his own visual lexicon which focuses on picturesque global harbor vistas. April 11, 2012 by amsterdamwhitney.  Defined by the dominant element of...

Plein Air Painting
on 11th September 2012
The northern tip of Honshu island in Japan was hit with a very snowy winter in 2011-2012. Rather than stay isolated indoors where it was nice and warm, I decided to brave the elements and go landscape painting outdoors. This is a photo of a work in progress in the small coastal town of Tomari in the Aomori prefecture of Japan.

Hexham Abbey
on 19th August 2012
working well towards new work for an exhibition at Hexham Abbey Northumberland in September, creating digital works and 2 new acrylic on canvas paintings about 4 ft tall by 2 ft wide each. themes of "creation" quite apt really.

Raining Cats and Dogs
on 25th April 2012
A loose painting done in blues of a rainy street.