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Art and Social Media | My Experience So Far... by Barbara Rachko
on 28th February 2013
 A guest post by Artsia member artist Barbara Rachko, explaining her experience with art and social media:  How can an artist’s work be seen by hundreds and thousands of people in a very inexpensive way?  Participating in social media platforms such as blogs, video, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and online...

Pearls from artists* # 27
on 15th February 2013
 * an ongoing series of quotations – mostly from artists, to artists – that offers wisdom, inspiration, and advice for the sometimes lonely road we are on.Of course, when people said a work of art was interesting, this did not mean that they necessarily liked it – much less that they thought it beautiful.  It usually...

Barbara Rachko's Colored Dust
on 6th January 2013
Please see, updated twice weekly.

Artist Focus: Anthony Barrow
on 7th September 2012
Anthony Barrow is both an artist and a teacher, creating and coaching at the same time. Coming to us from Wigan, UK, he’s worked with everything from pastel to charcoal to develop his figurative works. They often focus on women and the delicateness of the human form from behind, in a characteristically rough, blurred style that elevates each...