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Artist Focus: Slavomir Zombek
on 28th October 2013
 For this month's Artist Focus interview, we sat down with Slovakian artist Slavomir Zombek to learn the thought process behind his minimal works. They vary from geometric to still lives, but no matter how different his artworks may seem, each adheres to a strict sense of order and straightforwardness. He focuses on tactile elements...

Artist Focus: Pavel Rehurek
on 16th May 2013
This month we interviewed Czech artist Pavel Rehurek, who's currently living and working in Vancouver. He combines skill in both photography and photoshop to create colorful abstract forms that can sometimes be traced back to a representational reality. Completely self-taught, Rehurek uses technology to construct texture, resulting in tactile...

on 6th June 2012
This one is a bit of an experiment, done first digitally, using Corel's Painter. I printed it and then went over it in ink. I did it after visiting Brooklyn and called it Gowanus. I did another version in blue and purple tones. I regularly post at From this point forward, I will post at my own blog and here.

Robert Vanderhorst - Introduction by Zombie Film Director, George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead)
on 22nd November 2011
Introduction by Film Director George A. Romero - Night of the Living Dead. I’m always looking for a story. It’s my job, I guess. I had seen a handful of Robert Vanderhorst’s paintings over the years. That is, I had seen reproductions of them hanging in the homes of acquaintances who coincidentally happened to be acquainted with the artist. I had...

Canal Linocuts
on 27th October 2011
I have been lucky over the last few years to get to show the whole series of small "Canal" Linocuts, along with a number of colour prints and drawings at several venues. The first showing was at the little village of Stoke Bruerne on the Grand Union Canal. Here in the small Canal and Waterways based museum there was just enough room to show the "...