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Carbon Essence Drawing 51 | Artsia

Carbon Essence Drawing 51

About This Piece

Although seemingly paintings these pieces are also drawings. The carbon material has been drawn out of itself to bring out its truer nature, its essential forms, and its essences. They come across as images or abstractions but are in actual fact the real material and could be viewed as very thin drawn sculptures. Full series here http://www.alexandersmall.com/carbon-essence-drawings.php

Artist Statement

My work occupies the space between ideas of the Dionysian and the Absurd, moving from one to the other exploring themes of futility, pointlessness, hopelessness, nuisance, de individuation, death, rebirth and the irrational. This activity becomes a strategy for affirming life in the hope of building links between individuals by examining and questioning moments of extremity and stagnation experienced in the everyday. Remnants of events that could be termed dionysian are represented, located, exposed and injected into its opposite. The dionysian becomes the counter subversion to the inert false economies of the apollonian and it is hoped that this dialogue will reinvigorate, create new meaning and affirm life. Working with a range of media systems including drawing, installation, sculpture, sound and video these ideas are examined through a gentle kind of system mocking, where the system is form such as image, object, machine or event the dionysian manifests in some way as disorder, noise, glitch, corruption, dis function, dissipation, fragmentation, displacement disintegration or de individuation. This process on many levels could be termed as tragic giving birth to the next dialogue of meaning and through this change or end a new beginning is born.

Carbon Essence Drawing 51, 2009

46cm x 46cm
Mixed Media

$0.00  USD

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Carbon Essence Drawing 51,2009
  • 46cm x 46cm
  • Mixed Media
  • £600.00 GBP
Carbon Essence Drawing 51, 2009
46cm x 46cm
Mixed Media
£600.00 GBP
Alexander Small
London, United Kingdom
Carbon Essence Drawing 51, 2009
46cm x 46cm
Mixed Media
600.00 GBP
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