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This month our Artist Focus interviewee comes all the way from Australia. Acrylic painter Alastair Taylor focuses every scene he paints on the light within it, and his portfolio varies as much in subject matter as it does in style.Urban scenes packed with people meet rural scenes of farm animals,...

Artist Blogs

Finished the Staffie, she is taken from Betty, a perfect model who came for several studio sittings and behaved impeccably....
by Dido Crosby
on 3rd September
Bronze Polar Bear finally patinating at the foundry, taking her to Ian at HMC for crating and shipping her off to Spain next...
by Dido Crosby
on 3rd September
The 2013 contribution to a series of paintings about the brilliant community festival in Cornwall's most westerly town of...
by Tom Henderson Smith
on 29th June
by Kathryn Arnold
on 29th January
This summer 2017 I am spending a bit of time working out in the sierra foothills. I begin my day at 5:30 AM to focus on my...
by Kathryn Arnold
on 13th August
In the studio painting the new bronze Blue Cranes. A departure for me, trying specialist metal paint on bronze instead of the...
by Dido Crosby
on 3rd January
Repatinating Sitting Piglet at the foundry.
by Dido Crosby
on 3rd January
I've still got both original white plaster Staffie and the black bronze Staffie in my studio. The difference in colour...
by Dido Crosby
on 29th October
      Hello, everybody, I hope you all have been seeing some wonderful art lately.  I've been working...
by Fay Wood
on 16th September
Please visit Sandra lee Gallery for the annual end of year holiday exhibition Dec 1- 30th, 2015. 251 Post St, suite 310...
by Kathryn Arnold
on 29th November
I have 5 pieces in a figurative sculpture show in the beautiful gardens of Hatfield House -  http://www....
by Dido Crosby
on 30th March
Currently exhibiting as part of a group selected show, at the Truman Brewery, Gallery 25, London, and the Espacio Gallery...
by Lulu Hancock
on 6th March
I have always been longing to art. In a childhood, having read an announcement about the admission to the theater school, I...
by Oksana Cherkas
on 2nd August
"Palombe" Portrait of an African Chief Palombe was the first person that I met when I arrived in Ruarwe,...
by Eugene Power
on 3rd December
         Just a brief message.... I will be holding an OPEN STUDIO & SALE at my...
by Fay Wood
on 30th October
        You haven't heard from me in a while....      ...
by Fay Wood
on 14th October

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